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Hardwood Logs Extra Large Bulk Bags

Extra large bulk bags (1.0 -1.2m3 variation due to bags bulging) of kiln-dried hardwood.

We offer free delivery of online orders within a 10-mile radius of NN29 7NH

For all orders outside of this area please contact us for delivery prices and availability.

Don’t forget you can now add kindling and firelighters to your order.

£170.00 Inc. Vat


We offer free delivery on all firewood within a 10 mile radius of our base at Easton Maudit, NN29 7NH. We do offer delivery beyond this radius which is subject to a delivery fee dependant on distance as well as quantities ordered.

The moisture content as recommended by Defra is below 20%. Our logs are delivered with a guaranteed moisture content of less than 18%, ensuring an efficient burn.

Burning wet wood is not advised as it releases toxic particles and fine particulate matter. Burning wet wood is considered a damaging pollutant to human health and is largely responsible for the increased restrictions being applied to wood burning stoves in built up areas.

If you ask 100 different people you will likely get 100 different answers, but at GCK Firewood we find a mixture of Oak and Beech to provide one of the best burning fires, with each species complimenting each other. Our loads consist of predominantly these 2 species, but may also contain smaller amounts of other quality hardwoods mixed in.

The length of time required for wood to season properly is very much dependant on the tree species. Beech takes anywhere up to 18 months to season, whereas Oak is best seasoned for 24 months for best results. Other hardwoods can be dried in as little as 6 months if stored correctly.

A dry ventilated area is the key for storing firewood. This could be in a covered outdoor wood shed or a garage. It is important to ensure the wood is stored off the ground. A used pallet is a simple and affordable way to achieve this.

Firewood will dry better when uncovered. An outside log store should provide enough cover to achieve this without resorting to the use of a tarpaulin or other cover.

Firewood burns best at a moisture range between 15 and 20%. Whilst anything drier than this will not be detrimental to the burn, it will result in a faster burning fire, and therefore less cost-effective. However a drier log will be beneficial in the short term for getting a fire up to temperature quicker.

Customer Reviews

“Great logs, ready to burn, we have had 4 loads over the Winter and will use GCK next Winter too!”
“Fantastic service, quick delivery. Logs were a good size and ready to use.”
“So glad to have found GCK, great quality logs, delivered to my door and hassle-free!”
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